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By Appointment to the Royal Danish Court

As a purveyor you carry out long-term and regular trade or cooperation with the European royal houses. It is a title which can be attributed to both companies and specialists.

In Denmark, the title ‘By Appointment to the Royal Court’ was used for the first time in the beginning of the eighteen hundreds, and the less distinguished title ‘Purveyor to the Royal Danish Court’ was first granted in 1904. Today, only the title ‘By Appointment to the Royal Court’ is being used.

As Appointee to the Court you are allowed to use the royal arms and the crown in relation to your brand. The title is not automatically granted but must be applied for. It is then the Lord Chamberlain who decides whether the application meets the criteria. The approved applications are then presented to HM the Queen, who personally appoints the new appointee. The appointments are carried out, according to tradition, on Her Majesty’s birthday.