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Marselisborg Palace

I 1974 var Dronningen i klædeligt rødt dress blandt familiens

Marselisborg Palace is the summer residence of the Royal Couple. They spend substantial parts of the summer, as well as Christmas and Easter, in Aarhus.

The Palace is situated in Mindeparken (the Memorial Park) on Kongevejen in Aarhus. Marselisborg Palace is not open to the public, but the park is open for visitors when the Royal Family is not staying there. There is a changing of the guard every day at noon in those periods where the Queen is staying at the Palace.

The Palace was built in 1899-1902 by the Aarhusian architect Hack Kampmann. The Palace was the people’s wedding gift to Prince Christian and Princess Alexandrine (later to be King Christian X and Queen Alexandrine) and was to stay in the possession of all future monarchs of Denmark. The name Marselisborg comes from the family of Marselis, a Dutch merchant’s family from the 1600 hundreds. In 1661, the indebted King Frederik III had to give away large parts of the crown lands in Jutland to his creditors; one of them was a wealthy merchant named Gabriel Marselis, who got the estate of Havreballegaard. Havreballegaard was shortly after promoted to barony and was renamed Marselisborg Manor. The Manor has nothing to do with today’s Marselisborg Palace in the physical sense. It was situated where Marselisborg Gymnasium (college) is today. But the name lives on in Marselisborg Palace.

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