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The Royal House in Aarhus

Most Danes are aware of the fact that the Royal Family enjoys to spend their holidays at Marselisborg Palace. In fact, the summer has not really started until the Royal Yacht is docked at Honnørkajen. But the Royal family is attached to the city in many other ways.

Did you know, for instance, that both the Queen and the Crown Prince have studied at Aarhus University?

Better still, Crown Princess Mary’s parents have even lived in Aarhus when the Crown Princess’ father, Professor John Donaldson, taught at the University.

Aarhus Cathedral is also very important to the Royal Family. In the summer of 1969, Prince Joachim was christened in the Cathedral, and more recently Her Majesty has created and donated both a bishop’s cape and chasubles to the Cathedral.

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Marselisborg Palace
When the Royal Family is in Aarhus, they are staying at Marselisborg Palace by Mindeparken, the Memorial Park.
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The Royal Schedule
The Royal Family visits Aarhus several times a year, but when are they here and on what occassion? Read more.
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The Royal Yacht
During the summer, the Royal Family sails around the Danish waters onboard the Royal Yacht, Dannebrog.
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The Royal House's Patronages
The Royal Family has strong relations to Aarhus through its various patronages in the Aarhus regions. Read more.
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By Appointment to the Royal Court
There are several companies in East Justland which carry the title 'By Appointment to the Royal Court'. Read more.

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Pictures of the Royal Family
See the pictures from the many visits that the Royal Family has made in Aarhus through the years. See more.
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